Online gambling list

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Types of online casinos

On the online casino side, we have prepared many types in order to attract as many users as possible.

The content of the games that can be played varies depending on the provider, but here I would like to introduce the basic famous casino games.

Basic game

  • Baccarat … A game that is very popular mainly in Asia, also known as the “King of Casinos”
  • Blackjack … A classic card game where you compete with a dealer to see which one is closer to “21”.
  • Slots … A classic game with a wide variety of games, from simple to the latest
  • Roulette … A classic casino game! A game to guess where the thrown ball will stop

In addition to this, mahjong, gambling sports, bingo, etc. are hard to beat, but there are plenty of games that are irresistible for gambling lovers.